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New Delhi

New Delhi Branch

Address 5th Floor, Worldmark 2, Asset 8, Aerocity, New Delhi 110037, India
Telephone 91-11-4100-3456
New Delhi Branch


  • Corporate Banking Loans
  • Deposit Accounts
  • Remittances
  • Trade Finance
  • Bank Guarantees


MUFG's operations in New Delhi began in 1963.
Since then, we have been a trusted partner to Japanese, Indian and global corporates, providing them with a comprehensive suite of banking solutions as they established and grew their businesses in the country and across the region.

General information for our customers

 MUFG Bank Ltd is registered with DICGC
MUFG Bank Ltd is registered with DICGC
 MUFG Bank Ltd is registered with DICGC
MUFG Bank Ltd is registered with DICGC

Information of specific products/services


List of Unclaimed Deposits and Inoperative Accounts

  1. Based on a circular issued by Reserve Bank of India on February 7, 2012; Unclaimed Deposits / Inoperative Accounts in Banks- Display list of Inoperative Accounts, the list of unclaimed deposits / inoperative accounts which are inactive / inoperative for more than ten years are displayed below.
  1. To activate your account, please visit the branch where your account is maintained with the following documents:
    - Your most recent proof of identity
    - Your most recent proof of address
    - Details of account that are in your name and are included in the list
    - Request letter to re-activate your account

    For identification purposes, please provide original documents at the branch. We require separate documents for (1)proof of identity and (2)proof of address. These documents must include the name, date of birth and current residential address for each account holder.

    Note : Bank may request for any further specific / additional documents.
  1. For more information, please contact us.
    Contact numbers: +91-11-43641239 / +91-11-43641275

Regulatory Disclosures

  1. As per 'Guidelines on composition of capital disclosure requirements' dated 28 May 2013, banks have to maintain a regulatory disclosures section on their website, where all the information relating to disclosure of regulatory capital is made available.
(as 21 July, 2020)
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