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Acquisition Finance (LBO / MBO / Corporate M&A)

MUFG Bank is a leading bank in LBO/MBO and Corporate M&A finance. We provide various financing solution for our customers’ acquisition opportunities.

LBO (Leveraged Buyout)

A scheme of acquisition, mainly applied for private equity funds. Financed with a combination of equity and significant amounts of borrowed money, which is secured by the target’s cash flow and assets. MUFG Bank offers a variety of financial solutions, such as senior loan, cash/equity bridge loan, capex facility and so on.
Typical structure of LBO

MBO (Management Buyout)

A buyout transaction where by the managements and/or executives of the target company purchase shares of the company from existing majority shareholders to obtain flexibility of management. The scheme of LBO can be adopted for funding.

Corporate M&A

Corporate M&A is a transaction in which a business firm acquires another company. MUFG Bank offers a variety of financial solutions (such as bridge and permanent finance in large scale M&A’s, combination of corporate and non-recourse loans etc.) in both domestic and cross-boundary market.