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Transaction Banking

MUFG's Transaction Banking offices around the world provide integrated solutions to clients with evolving requirements. We support customers' daily business growth by providing efficient solutions for needs such as working capital management and trade risk management through our cash management and trade solutions.

MUFG's transaction banking business puts all of our expertise at the service of corporate clients looking to succeed worldwide.



Cash Management
Trade Finance
Renminbi Business

MUFG Global Transaction Banking Network

MUFG manages its transaction banking business from offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, London, New York and Los Angeles. A total of about 2,000 professionals work together across national and regional boundaries to provide a wide range of services to our clients.We leverage our network of offices in more than 40 countries to meet specific local needs and provide the same high-quality service and hospitality found in Japan.
MUFG Bank Transaction Banking office around the world
MUFG have the largest global network of any Japanese financial group, with more than 2,000 offices in nearly 50 countries.