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Our People

Erich Friess

Erich Friess – Global Subsidiary Banking, MUFG Union Bank (San Francisco, United States)

MUFG's strong capital position, risk management culture, well-developed global network, and excellent product capabilities ・/p>

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Allison Valvano

Allison Valvano – U.S. Wholesale Banking, Healthcare, MUFG Union Bank (New York, United States)

MUFG's global reach, strong balance sheet, and commitment to our clients are our competitive edge. ・/p>

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Ryutaro Hiroshima

Ryutaro Hiroshima – Investment Banking, Capital Markets Group, MUFG Securities Americas / MUFG Union Bank (New York, United States)

I believe MUFG's strengths are the trust given from our clients and the people who honor that trust. ・/p>

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Kumar Shah

Kumar Shah – Natural Resources, Corporate Banking Division for EMEA (London, United Kingdom)

Our network. It provides us with diversity in people, a broad coverage model, and in-depth knowledge of the markets ・/p>

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Lina El Kassa'a

Lina El Kassa'a – Risk Management Department, DIFC Branch - Dubai (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

MUFG's leadership is driven by its financial stability and sustainable growth, its excellent reputation and expertise in the banking industry, ・/p>

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Wan Bi

Wan Bi – Corporate Risk Management Division, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi (China), Ltd. (Shanghai, China)

I think MUFG is a bank with an awareness of the “temperature” of its customers, employees, and community. ・/p>

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Sanman Sanjeev Shetty

Sanman Sanjeev Shetty – Relationship Management &Sales, Singapore branch (Singapore)

MUFG is a truly global bank with a wide footprint across five continents. We are the largest Asian bank in the Americas. ・/p>

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Sam Tanskul

Sam Tanskul – Krungsri Finnovate Co., Ltd. (Bangkok, Thailand)

After four years at Krungsri under the umbrella of MUFG, I have seen several examples of successful competitiveness. ・/p>

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Wataru Osada

Wataru Osada – Global Planning Division (Tokyo, Japan)

Strong relationships and trust with the customers and regulators of various countries built through ・/p>

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