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Message from the President & CEO of MUFG Bank

Junichi Hanzawa President & CEO

On behalf of my colleagues at MUFG Bank, our sincere gratitude for your continued support during this time of profound social and economic changes. These include:


●  Accelerated trends toward digital and green in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


● Geopolitical risks, economic decoupling, and divergence in cultural and individual values growing more pronounced, creating unprecedented societal division.


● A return to positive interest rates in Japan, presenting an opportunity to break free from long-term stagnation often referred to as “the lost thirty years.”


Amid these historic changes, we see individual customers shifting their focus from savings to investments, seeking services using digital and AI technologies, and demanding diverse, convenient channels. We see corporate customers focused on improving productivity, reconstructing business models, and taking bold investment steps.


MUFG, including the bank, has launched a new Medium-term Business Plan this fiscal year. Addressing the division mentioned above, we aim to become a bridge-building force of connection among our customers and various stakeholders. In this way, we intend to serve our purpose of being committed to empowering a brighter future.


By anticipating forces of change and working closely with customers to address attendant challenges, we aim to support their development and that of the economy.


With MUFG colleagues united in this endeavor, we strive to harness change as fuel for our evolution into a pioneering bank of the future. We are committed to being “a bank that opens a path to the future.”


Thank you for your continued support.

Junichi Hanzawa
President and CEO
MUFG Bank, Ltd.