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Supply Chain Finance

What is Supply Chain Finance?

Supply Chain Finance is a purchase of trade receivables from the suppliers which supply goods or services to customers of MUFG Bank. Supply Chain Finance enhances the efficiency in working capital financing for both our customers and their suppliers. Customers will benefit from improved payment terms, while suppliers may enjoy an accelerated cash conversion of trade receivables. 

MUFG Bank operate our own platform but also have extensive experience in participating in platforms operated by our peers and third parties.

Key Benefits of Supply Chain Finance

  • For our customers, a way to improve payment terms and raise financing via working capital
  • For the suppliers, a way to improve the cash conversion cycle, possibly at a lower funding rate


Supply Chain Finance will be suitable for customers which aim to optimize its working capital by improving the payment terms to their suppliers.  

MUFG Bank's Strength

MUFG Bank has been very active in providing receivables financing to our key relationship customers for decades, which is demonstrated by our track records. MUFG Bank has a global franchise in the US, EMEA and APAC including Japan. We have extensive experience in executing Supply Chain Finance transactions in all major jurisdictions.