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Global Markets

The Global Markets Unit (GMU) has three main business pillars; (1) Sales & Trading, (2) Asset and Liability Management, and (3) Strategic Investment.

(1) Sales & Trading

Sales: Providing market products for clients 
Trading: Intermediating between clients and markets to provide competitive price through appropriate risk management

(2) Asset and Liability Management (ALM)

ALM: Asset and Liability Management
  • Managing interest and liquidity risks residing in the bank's balance sheet
  • Investing in sovereign bonds such as the JGB and U.S. Treasury

(3) Strategic Investment

Enhancing profitability and diversifying portfolios by investing in financial products such as corporate bonds and funds

Back Office

Carrying out operations and settlements supporting front offices, Sales & Trading, ALM, and Strategic Investment 
Monitoring and checking the front offices to ensure the bank's integrity