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Yangon Branch

Address 2nd Floor, Union Financial Centre, Corner of Maharbandoola Road and Thein Phyu Road, Bohtataung Township, Yangon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar Yangon Branch
Telephone TEL: 95-1-861-0371
FAX: 95-1-861-0384
  • Corporate Banking Loans.
  • Deposit Accounts.
  • Remittances.
  • Trade Finance.
  • Bank Guarantees.

Yangon Branch opened on April 22, 2015 as a first foreign bank in Myanmar.
(Originally former Yokohama Specie Bank established representative office in 1918)

Currently MUFG Yangon Branch provides full banking services, including deposits, loans and foreign exchange to foreign companies and domestic banks operating in Myanmar. At the same time, we act as an agent for the Japanese Government's ODA to Myanmar.

1.Bank Tariffs

new window101_(MUFG Yangon) Standard ChargesPDF(112KB)

2.Account Opening Forms and related

new window200_Required documents for Account OpeningPDF(1,987KB)

new window201_Application for Account Opening and T&C_CurrentPDF(173KB)

new window202_Application for Account Opening and T&C_SavingPDF(411KB)

new window203_Application for Account Opening and T&C_Fixed DepositPDF(175KB)

new window204_Specimen SignaturePDF(61KB)

new window205_Authorisation LetterPDF(124KB)

new window206_Email Transaction AgreementPDF(59KB)

new window207_Application for New Cheque BookPDF(97KB)

new window208_Notice of Mailing AddressPDF(65KB)

new window209_Notice of Person in charge of DeliveryPDF(65KB)

new window210_Application for Termination of Bank AccountPDF(47KB)

3.Daily Transaction Forms

new window301_Application for MMK Domestic TransferPDF(78KB)

new window302_Application for Foreign Currency Remittance(USD, EUR, etc.)PDF(172KB)

new window303_Application for Amendment/Cancellation of RemittancePDF(68KB)

new window304_Application for WithdrawalPDF(201KB)

new window305_Time Deposit Instruction FormPDF(25KB)

4.Other Forms

new window401_Applciation for Balance CertificatePDF(64MB)

new window402_Application for Reissue of StatementPDF(58KB)

new window403_Notice of ChangePDF(38KB)

new window404_Notice of Lost/StolenPDF(48KB)

new window405_Request for Stop Payment on ChequePDF(51KB)

5.Sample_Transaction and Other forms

new window501_Sample_Application for MMK Domestic TransferPDF(169KB)

new window502_Sample_Application for Foreign Currency Remittance (USD, EUR, etc.)PDF(204KB)

new window503_Sample_Application for Amendment_Cancellation of RemittancePDF(548KB)

new window504_Sample_Application for Balance CertificatePDF(774KB)

new window505_Sample_Application for WithdrawalPDF(397KB)

new window506_Sample_Application for Reissue of StatementPDF(131KB)

new window507_Sample_Notice of ChangePDF(426KB)

new window508_Sample_Specimen SignaturePDF(336KB)

new window509_Sample_Authorisation letterPDF(140KB)

new window510_Sample_Application for New Cheque BookPDF(187KB)

new window511_Sample_Notice of Mailing addressPDF(274KB)

new window512_Sample_Application for Termination of Bank AccountPDF(154KB)

new window513_Sample_Board resolution and MinutesPDF(208KB)

new window514_Sample_Power of Attorney(POA)PDF(201KB)

new window515_Sample_Business activities & Capital Injection Declaration FormPDF(248KB)

new window516_Sample_Time Deposit Instruction FormPDF(250KB)

6.COMSUITE Agreements and GCMS Plus Terms & Conditions

new window601_COMSUITE Basic Agreement_CS_AGR101PDF(381KB)

new window602_GCMS Plus Terms and Conditions_CS_AGRTC101PDF(667KB)

7.Sample_COMSUITE Agreements

new window701_Sample_COMSUITE Basic Agreement (CS_AGR101)PDF(82KB)

8.COMSUITE and GCMS Plus Applications

new window801_COMSUITE_Application for Contract and Service Setup_CS_APP101 (453KB)

new window802_COMSUITE_Application for COMSUITE Owner Information Maintenance_CS_APP201 (186KB)

new window803_COMSUITE_Application for User Maintenance_CS_APP202 (236KB)

new window804_COMSUITE_Application for Account and Service Maintenance_CS_APP203 (323KB)

new window805_COMSUITE_Application for Product Termination_CS_APP301 (70KB)

new window806_GCMS_Plus_Request_for_Cancellation_of_Money_Transfer_InstructionPDF(94KB)

new window807_GCMS_Plus_Request_for_Amendment_to_Money_Transfer_InstructionPDF(88KB)

9.Sample_COMSUITE and GCMS Plus Applications

new window901_Sample_Common_New Contract (CS_APP101)PDF(490KB)

new window902_Sample_Common_Add Products (CS_APP101)PDF(494KB)

new window903_Sample_Common_Add User (CS_APP202)PDF(336KB)

new window904_Sample_Common_Change Applicant Name (CS_APP201)PDF(331KB)

new window905_Sample_Common_Change Charge Account (CS_APP201)PDF(331KB)

new window906_Sample_Common_Change Email Address (CS_APP202)PDF(335KB)

new window907_Sample_Common_Change User Category (CS_APP202)PDF(335KB)

new window908_Sample_Common_Change User Name (CS_APP202)PDF(335KB)

new window909_Sample_Common_Change User Name and Email Address (CS_APP202)PDF(335KB)

new window910_Sample_Common_Delete User (CS_APP202)PDF(333KB)

new window911_Sample_Common_Release Suspended Status_User Reactivation (CS_APP202)PDF(313KB)

new window912_Sample_Common_Request OTP Token Related Actions (CS_APP202)PDF(314KB)

new window913_Sample_Common_Reset Password (CS_APP202)PDF(315KB)

new window914_Sample_Common_Terminate Product_All Products (CS_APP301)PDF(317KB)

new window915_Sample_GCMS Plus_Add Account (CS_APP203)PDF(435KB)

new window916_Sample_GCMS Plus_Add Account Service (CS_APP203)PDF(434KB)

new window917_Sample_GCMS Plus_Change Account Holder's Name (CS_APP203)PDF(606KB)

new window918_Sample_GCMS Plus_Change Service Information (CS_APP201)PDF(360KB)

new window919_Sample_GCMS Plus_Delete Account (CS_APP203)PDF(432KB)

new window920_Sample_GCMS Plus_Delete Account Service (CS_APP203)PDF(434KB)

new window921_Sample_GCMS Request for Amendment to Money Transfer InstructionPDF(215KB)

new window922_Sample_GCMS_Plus_Request_for_Cancellation_of_Money_Transfer_InstructionPDF(247KB)

(as of July 18, 2019)