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Canada Branch

Royal Bank Plaza, South Tower, 200 Bay Street, Suite 1800, Toronto, Ontario M5J 2J1, Canada
Seattle Corporate Banking Office
Telephone 1-416-865-0220
  • Project finance
  • Securitization
  • Syndicated loans
  • Cash management
  • Foreign exchange
  • Deposits
* MUFG Bank, Ltd., Canada Branch is an authorized foreign bank branch permitted to carry on business in Canada pursuant to the Bank Act (Canada). Deposits with MUFG Bank Canada are NOT insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. Each entity in the MUFG group may be subject to various regulatory frameworks based on, among other things, the jurisdictions in which it operates.
Overview MUFG has been providing global banking solutions in Canada for more than 60 years. That long-term commitment is an important part of our culture and the values that are important to us.

Based in Toronto, with offices in Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver, MUFG Bank Canada and its affiliates offer Canadian and international clients a full range of wholesale corporate banking services in areas such as project finance, syndicated loans, securitization, foreign exchange and cash management.

Our global network and our extensive expertise in Asia provide a unique competitive advantage to MUFG Bank Canada. Our cultural values run deep, and building lasting client relationships and operating with integrity are at the core of what we do.

Our financial expertise serves clients in a number of industries such as oil and gas, automotive, mining, pipelines, power and utilities, telecom and media, and food and beverage.
General information for our customers

(as of August 15, 2018)