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Total Transaction Banking Solution - COMSUITE

MUFG's Service
COMSUITE is MUFG's total solutions for global transaction banking. Combined with our unique attention to detail and reliability, we deliver reliable quality that meet the needs for global cash management and trade finance.
In our quest for user-friendly solutions with simple access,we provide global business support for our customers.

Cash Management

Trade Finance

1. GCMS Plus

Global cash management service

GCMS Plus is an international Internet banking service for corporate clients with growing global businesses. It offers a variety of capabilities, such as account inquiry, transaction confirmation, domestic and overseas remittances in a highly secured environment. By using GCMS Plus, corporate client may operate their own or affiliate accounts with MUFG offices over 30 countries.
Cash Forecasting service, one of the key features of GCMS Plus, aims to enhance the efficiency of global corporate in analyzing and managing their group companies' cash flow. Cash Forecasting service displays past and future balances in dynamic graph, target data is accessible through single-click drill-down (filtering) features.
  • A/C Balance & Transaction Details
  • Time Deposit Inquiry
  • Loan Inquiry
  • Foreign Exchange Contract Report
  • Export & Import Statement
  • Foreign Remittance
  • Domestic Remittance
  • Cash Forecasting Service

Cash management services for specific countries/regions

As a part of COMSUITE services, MUFG provides regional and local cash management functions to support fulfilling additional requirements in the following countries/regions.
Users are able to use the same ID/Password and OTP Token for GCMS Plus and other COMSUITE services.
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand

2. Cash Pooling

Liquidity management service

Cash Pooling service enhance corporate's liquidity management by maximizing its cash positions. With Zero Balance option, at the end of every business day, subsidiaries accounts are adjusted to zero balance by the master account automatically.
In addition to actual and notional pooling in each country, cross-border actual pooling is also available.
Cash Pooling

3. GPH

Global Payment Hub, host-to-host payments service

GPH is a robust host-to-host payments service which connect corporate client's cash management system directly with the Bank's host system. Corporate can initiate payments and manage their group companies' bank accounts within their own system, such as ERP and other Treasury Management System.
  • Various connectivity options (SWIFT, Internet, etc.)
  • Single/File based payments with format options
  • Information reporting
  • Format/language conversion capabilities
  • Sophisticated security control

4. Netting

Netting supports management of cash positions and foreign exchange risks among group companies. Offsetting of accounts payable and accounts receivable contribute to costs reduction such as financing costs, banking charges and commissions.
  • Support bilateral/multilateral netting in 48 currencies
  • Less number of remittances and lower bank charges
  • Centralized management by headquarter

5. Virtual Account

Account reconciliation

Virtual Account improves efficiency of accounts receivable reconciliation operations. An unique virtual account number is issued to each payer for collection of sales proceeds. With this virtual account scheme, corporate client can easily identify the payer of each receipt.
  • Reduce operational loads of managing huge number of retail clients.
  • More efficient cash management through centralization of payment to HQ


Online foreign exchange contract

FOREX is an online service which enables to conclude and confirm foreign exchange contract.
It helps to streamline foreign exchange operation of corporate clients.
  • Conclude spot/forward exchange contract
  • Confirmation of foreign exchange contract
  • Inquiry of foreign exchange contracts
  • Alert mail for pre-set exchange rate

7. SWIFT Connectivity

Supporting corporate customers who have a global footprint, we provide SWIFT connectivity covering our offices around the globe.