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Trade Finance

With BTMU's extensive global network and wealth of experience, our dedicated trade finance and risk advisory teams are uniquely positioned to help you promote your cross-border trade transactions and manage your finance and risk requirements.

Trade Cycle

Trade Cycle


1.TSU/BPO (Trade Services Utility/Bank Payment Obligation)

TSU enables you and banks to exchange and match trade information electronically on the interbank system enhanced by SWIFT.

Benefits for supplier

  • No submission of the original shipping documents to bank
  • Earlier collection of cash and check

Benefits for buyer

  • Reduce the operation/management process
  • Payment after confirming if the shipment was conducted as contracted

BPO is an irrevocable, conditional obligation from one bank to pay another bank, subject to the presentation of compliant data in the TSU. URBPO (Uniform Rules for BPO) came into effect at the Apr 2013 ICC Congress, and BPO is expected to grow.


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2. Vendor Finance

Vendor Finance is a finance scheme which the Bank extends an alternative source of funding to the obligor's vendor/supplier through discounting their Account Receivables (A/R) due from the obligor. Obligor just submits payment instruction indicating A/R details, its authenticity etc. to the bank.

Benefits for obligor

  • Security of stable financing
  • Opportunity for improving payment conditions

Benefits for vendor/supplier

  • Financing through obligor's credit credibility
  • Opportunity for reducing financing cost

Vendor Finance