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Cash Management

BTMU provides the following areas of cash management services:

  • Liquidity Management
  • Payment Solutions
  • Collection Solutions
  • Operational Efficiency Solutions

MUFG's Service

1.Liquidity Management - GCMS Plus

Global Cash Management Service

GCM Plus logo

GCMS Plus is our Internet banking service, which enables you to monitor your account balance and account movement as well as send money-transfer instructions from your PC.
With various useful functions focusing on user friendliness, convenient access, and high security, GCMS Plus helps you with efficient liquidity management.

  • A/C Balance & Transaction Details
  • Time Deposit Inquiry
  • Loan Inquiry
  • Foreign Exchange Contract
  • Export & Import Statement

Maintaining multiple firewalls on our server prevents illegal access and outside attacks. Any communications between your company and BTMU through our Internet banking service are protected by encryption.
By using GCMS Plus, you can create and send money-transfer instructions to BTMU through the Internet. You are able to use pre-authorized templates for money transfer. Creating a template including beneficiary name, beneficiary bank, A/C number, etc. enables you to re-use the same template for frequent payees and reduce false data entry.

  • Domestic/Foreign TT
  • Bulk Payment
  • Salary Payment
  • Tax Payment
  • Import L/C


2.Liquidity Management - BizSTATION


BizSTATION is our Internet Banking Service in Japan, which enables various corporate banking operations in one solid security platform.
BizSTATION provides full range services of financial settlement, Export / Import , and Foreign Exchange Contract.

  • Balance & Transaction Details of A/C in Japan
  • Real Time Domestic Fund transfer
  • Bulk / Payroll / Bonus Payment
  • Outgoing / Incoming Foreign Remittance
  • Import / Export Documentary
  • Exchange Contract Conclusion / Confirm / Change of Settlement Date


3.Liquidity Management - Cash Pooling

Cash Pooling - Zero Balance Service

At the end of every business day, the positive balance at subsidiary accounts is transferred to the master account, and the negative balance is funded by the master account automatically. For Zero Balance Service, subsidiary accounts are adjusted to the zero balance by the master account automatically, and the balances are not reversed back on the next business day.

Cash Pooling

4.Payment Solutions - GPH (Global Payment Hub)

GPH is our Host-to-Host service to integrate your system (ERP, Treasury Management System, etc.) directly with BTMU, as a robust channel to BTMU services around the globe.

  • Various connectivity options
  • Single/File based payments with format options
  • Status reports
  • Format/language conversion capabilities
  • Account statement

GPH (Global Payment Hub)


5.SWIFT Connectivity

Supporting corporate customers who have a global footprint, we provide SWIFT connectivity covering our offices around the globe.

SWIFT Connectivity