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Economic Research

Asia 2020

Economic Monthly: ASEAN, India and Australia(December 2020)(388KB)

Economic Monthly-China(October 2020)(135KB)

Economic Monthly-Asia(October 2020)(90KB)

Economic Monthly: ASEAN, India and Australia(November 2020 – Simple Edition)(258KB)

Economic Monthly: ASEAN, India and Australia(October 2020 – Simple Edition)(253KB)

Economic Monthly-China(September 2020)(91KB)

Economic Monthly-Asia(September 2020)(125KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(September 2020)(262KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(August 2020)(331KB)

Economic Monthly-Asia(July 2020)(119KB)

Economic Monthly-China(July 2020)(99KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(July 2020)(309KB)

Economic Monthly-China(June 2020)(136KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(June 2020)(289KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(May 2020)(335KB)

Economic Monthly-Asia(April 2020)(141KB)

Economic Monthly-China(April 2020)(95KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(April 2020)(305KB)

The Outlook for the Chinese Economy(March 2020)(85KB)

The Outlook for Asian Economies(March 2020)(112KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(March 2020)(277KB)

Economic Monthly-Asia(February 2020)(104KB)

Economic Monthly-China(February 2020)(175KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(February 2020)(295KB)

Economic Monthly-Asia(January 2020)(131KB)

Economic Monthly-China(January 2020)(91KB)

Economic Monthly-China(December 2019)(120KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(January 2020)(335KB)

Economic Monthly-Asia(December 2019)(187KB)