Introduction of "Rapport"



These days, a large number of fraudulent remittance from Internet Banking have been reported.
The cause is a computer infected with malware or a virus.
To deal with this problem, we have begun to provide a free anti-virus software for Internet Banking customers called Rapport.
Rapport is developed by IBM and is specialized for Internet Banking.
We highly recommend you utilize Rapport to improve your Internet Banking security.

*Please note that Rapport can be used for PC only. It cannot be used for mobile devices.

Rapport導入の手引き    Guidance of installing Rapport

Rapportのダウンロード  /  Download Rapport


You can download Rapport from IBM web site for free.
Please press the button at the bottom to open the download page.

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お問い合わせ先  /  Contact



If you have any questions about Rapport, Please contact IBM.

* Please refer to FAQ page for frequent questions before you contact the support center.

IBM サポートセンター  /  IBM Support Center

お問い合わせ方法  /  Contact IBM社のRapportダウンロードサイトに設置されたお問い合わせフォーマットに必要事項を入力してお問い合わせください。
To inquire, please fill in the inquiry form on the rapport download page in IBM web site.
営業時間  /  Business hour 9:00~21:00(日本時間 土、日、休日を除く)
9am - 9pm in JST (closed on Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays)