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Economic Research

Latin America 2013

Brazil: The Outlook for Consumption(53KB)

Brazil: Recovery Interrupted As Investment Declines in 3Q(50KB)

Brazil: Raising SELIC Back to Double Digits, COPOM Changes its Statement(54KB)

Mexico: Indications of Gradual Growth Recovery(48KB)

Brazil: Subdued Credit Growth as Government Banks’ Lending Slowed in September(81KB)

Mexico: Banxico Delivers 25bp Cut and Intends to Hold(53KB)

Brazil: COPOM Gives No Sign That Tightening Cycle is Concluding(52KB)

Brazil: Inflation results and COPOM meeting(50KB)

Brazil: Wider Current Account Deficit Raises External Financing Needs(178KB)

Mexico: Views on the Proposed Fiscal Reform(198KB)

Mexico: Banxico Acts to Reduce Policy Rate by 25bp(56KB)

Brazil: COPOM Delivers Expected 50bp SELIC Hike(55KB)

Brazil: The Weakening of the BRL(163KB)

Brazil: The Moderation of Consumption(66KB)

Mexico: Revisiting the Growth and Policy Outlook as the Reform Opportunity Approaches(61KB)

Latin America :Divergence in Monetary Policy(52KB)

Brazil: COPOM Continues Tightening at Unchanged Pace(65KB)

Brazil: Loose Fiscal Stance Remains Part of Policy Mix(103KB)

Brazil: Balance of Payments Reveals Deterioration(59KB)

Mexico: Assessing the Economic Growth and Reform Outlook(70KB)

Brazil: COPOM Minutes Indicate Heightened Vigilance On Inflation(55KB)

Brazil: COPOM Intensifies SELIC Tightening Amid Trade-off of Weak Growth and High Inflation(54KB)

Brazil: Divergence in Credit Growth Cycles(123KB)

Brazil: COPOM Hikes SELIC By 25bp, but Sets Cautions Tone(60KB)

Peru: Sustaining Dynamism(184KB)

Brazil: The Low Growth vs. High Inflation Dilemma(188KB)

Argentina: Pressures on the Economic Model(160KB)

Brazil: Tangled Up in the Challenges of Low Savings and Investment(130KB)

Brazil: COPOM Holds SELIC at 7.25%(41KB)

Brazil: New Year, Harder Choices(99KB)