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Economic Research

Europe 2021

Outlook for the European Economies(December 2021)(262KB)

Russia: Households face multiple headwinds in 2022(818KB)

Economic Monthly-Europe(October 2021)(119KB)

Visegrad: Growth set to moderate, as concerns about inflation and higher interest rates rise (1.16MB)

Central Asia: Real GDP trajectory could be bumpy as region faces multiple near-term risks(555KB)

Sub-Saharan Africa: Fragmented recovery likely with risks to downside as vaccine roll-out remains slow(627KB)

Economic Monthly-Europe(July 2021)(111KB)

Visegrad: Steady real GDP recovery expected, as Delta variant highlights continued COVID-19 risks(1.30MB)

Economic Monthly-Europe(June 2021)(114KB)

Russia: Rebounding activity but external risks may rise further ahead (940KB)

Central and Eastern Europe: Public debt concerns and external pressures could rise in 2H 2021(597KB)

Economic Monthly-Europe(April 2021)(113KB)

Economic Monthly-Europe(March 2021)(141KB)

Visegrad: Hungary and Slovakia take matters into their own hands amid slow EU vaccine distribution(1.34MB)

Sub-Saharan Africa: External financing risks may emerge if there are virus-related set backs(528KB)

South Africa: COVID-19 second wave will further delay real GDP recovery, risks remain to downside(1.06MB)

Economic Monthly-Europe(January 2021)(107KB)

Visegrad: COVID-19 vaccination roll-out key to real GDP outlook in 2021, downside risks to persist(1.00MB)

Economic Monthly-Europe(December 2020)(120KB)