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Economic Research

Europe 2020

Russia: Real GDP trajectory weakens as early recovery starts to wear-off & Q4 output declines(631KB)

Economic Monthly-Europe(October 2020)(100KB)

South Africa: The economy looks vulnerable to a second wave of the virus (603KB)

Economic Monthly-Europe(September 2020)(120KB)

Visegrad: Weaker economic recovery now likely as COVID-19 resurges while fiscal data deteriorates(1.36MB)

Central Asia: Real GDP recoveries set to diverge as wider risks remain to the downside(677KB)

Russia: Risk of weaker and more uneven recovery rises as nation continues to grapple with COVID-19(504KB)

Economic Monthly-Europe(July 2020)(144KB)

Visegrad: Wider economic recovery now underway, but downside risks will dominate in 2H 2020(702KB)

Economic Monthly-Europe(June 2020)(127KB)

Romania: Coronavirus impacts on real GDP in 2020 could increase the need for structural reforms(823KB)

South Africa: Sharp recession inevitable despite relatively limited coronavirus spread(732KB)

Recession now expected in larger CEE countries and Russia in 2020(754KB)

Economic Monthly-Europe(April 2020)(101KB)

The Outlook for the UK Economy(March 2020)(109KB)

The Outlook for Eurozone Economies(March 2020)(53KB)

Economic Monthly-UK(February 2020)(136KB)

Economic Monthly-Eurozone(February 2020)(40KB)

Russia: Recent trend of weaker real GDP growth expected to continue over 2020(173KB)

Economic Monthly-Europe(January 2020)(97KB)

Economic Monthly-Europe(December 2019)(45KB)

The Outlook for European Economies(November 2019)(414KB)