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Economic Research

Europe 2019

United Kingdom: Voters face stark choice at upcoming election
Sub-Saharan Africa: Steady real GDP growth expected ahead, but the path could be bumpy
Economic Monthly-Europe(October 2019)
Euro area: The manufacturing slump may be drawing to a close
Economic Monthly-Europe(September 2019)
The Outlook for European Economies(August 2019)
Romania: Strong real GDP growth momentum set to slow in 2020, as economic imbalances start to bite
Germany: There is ample room for fiscal stimulus but it is unlikely to be imminent
Economic Monthly-Europe(July 2019)
United Kingdom: Inflation expectations remain fairly well-anchored, but there are Brexit-related risks
Economic Monthly-Europe(June 2019)
Poland: Fiscal risks are low at present but public finance improvement since 2016 is set to reverse
Euro area: Easing policy would not be straightforward but the ECB has some room for manoeuvre
The Outlook for European Economies(May 2019)
Central Asia: Strong real GDP growth momentum in 2018, but structural vulnerabilities to remain
Euro area: What are the risks from a slowing Chinese economy?
Economic Monthly-Europe(April 2019)
Visegrad: Strong growth momentum leading into 2019, but real GDP growth set to ease
Economic Monthly-Europe(March 2019)
The Outlook for European Economies(February 2019)
United Kingdom: A Brexit deal could see the release of pent-up demand for business investment
Euro area: Brexit is not the only source of political uncertainty in 2019
Economic Monthly-Europe(January 2019)
Russia: Demographic headwinds one of the main challenges facing the economy
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