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Economic Research

Asia 2019

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(December 2019)(257KB)

The Outlook for Asian & Australian Economies(November 2019)(239KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(November 2019)(263KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(October 2019)(323KB)

Economic Monthly-Asia(October 2019)(108KB)

Economic Monthly-China(October 2019)(130KB)

Economic Monthly-China(September 2019)(162KB)

Economic Monthly-Asia(September 2019)(98KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(September 2019)(268KB)

The Outlook for Asian & Australian Economies(August 2019)(374KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(August 2019)(289KB)

Economic Monthly-Asia(July 2019)(118KB)

Economic Monthly-China(July 2019)(112KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(July 2019)(279KB)

Economic Monthly-Asia(June 2019)(111KB)

Economic Monthly-China(June 2019)(114KB)

The Outlook for Asian & Australian Economies(May 2019)(194KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(June 2019)(330KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(May 2019)(314KB)

Economic Monthly-Asia(April 2019)(127KB)

Economic Monthly-China(April 2019)(160KB)

Economic Monthly-China(March 2019)(167KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(April 2019)(328KB)

Economic Monthly-Asia(March 2019)(114KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(March 2019)(279KB)

The Outlook for Asian & Australian Economies(February 2019)(181KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(February 2019)(293KB)

Economic Monthly-Asia(January 2019)(171KB)

Economic Monthly-China(January 2019)(140KB)

MUFG Bank ASEAN TOPICS: Outlook for 2019 ASEAN economy(297KB)

Economic Monthly ASEAN & India(January 2019)(409KB)