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We provide a variety of financial products and services to help clients reach their goals. We offer strategic advice, arrange liquidity, and help manage risk. We create comprehensive financial solutions and deliver with strong execution. MORE

As a member of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group — one of the largest banking groups in the world in terms of assets, loans, and deposits — we have the financial strength and stability to support your needs. Our proud history of more than 130 years in international commerce enables clients to rely on MUFG Bank for deep knowledge, reliability, and cross-border expertise. Let us contribute to your success.

Corporate & Investment Banking

Loan Syndication

Syndicated Loan

In loan syndication, MUFG Bank offers financing solutions to our global clientele of corporates, financial institutions, and sovereigns. We provide the borrower with access to a pool of liquidity funds from multiple investors using our global network.
With the credit risk diversified across multiple investors, our clients are supplemented with larger funding compared to the standard bilateral bank loan. Our product offerings ranges from plain vanilla bank facilities to more complex specialized financing.

Cross Border Syndicated Loan

Cross Border Syndicated Loan is one of the financing methods for clients with exposures to overseas business. In Cross Border Loan Syndication, we link borrowers with overseas investors to provide borrower with an access to overseas funding. Cross Border Loan Syndication market has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years as corporates increasingly seek to develop presence in various overseas markets. Since 2012, we have arranged USD23.7BN Cross Border Deals over 20 countries.

Samurai Loan

A Samurai Loan is a type of cross-border syndicated loan in which Japanese syndicates take part in financing a loan arranged outside of Japan. MUFG Bank is one of the top positioned banks in the Samurai Loan market. We have arranged USD2.4 billion in Samurai Loan deals since 2012.

Structured Finance

Project Finance

We provide professional services in arranging limited-recourse finance and financial advisory in various sectors, including natural resources, power, and infrastructure, backed by our experience, expertise, knowledge, and global network.

ECA Finance

We arrange and coordinate ECA-covered financing. An ECA (export credit agency) provides mainly an export financing through guarantees, insurance, and loans, acting as an intermediary between national governments and exporters to support export activities including JBIC (Japan), NEXI (Japan), KEXIM (Korea), K-sure (Korea), Coface (France), Euler Hermes (Germany), UK Export Finance (UK), and USEXIM (United States).

Commodities & Structured Trade Finance

Our team supports financing for global commodity traders by using commodity financing (borrowing base, inventory finance, back-to-back LC, etc.) as well as structured trade finance such as pre-export / pre-payment finance globally.

Acquisition Finance (LBO / MBO / Corporate M&A)

MUFG Bank engages in LBO/MBO and corporate M&A financing. As a leading global player, we satisfy customer needs by providing a variety of financial services, including structuring, valuation, cash flow analysis, syndicated loan arrangement, documentation, and agent services.

Real Estate Finance

We support our customers with real estate non-recourse loans, in which the principal and interest are repaid exclusively from the cash flows originating from the underlying asset (commercial, non-commercial real estates etc.).
We provide comprehensive banking and financial services to support the acquisition, development, and securitization of real estate, and J-REIT financial funding.

Ship Finance

We have extensive experience in ship finance and a proven track record in structuring transactions to meet the specific requirements of our customers in both Japan and the rest of the world.
As one of the leading banks in global ship financing, we have long-standing relationships with our customers and are committed to provide tailored financing solutions.
Our experienced professionals will work closely with you and deliver competitive and sophisticated finance solutions on vessel acquisitions or other specific needs.

Aviation Finance

We provide professional services in aviation finance through various structures, e.g., Japanese Operating Lease with Call Option (JOLCO) and ECA-guaranteed finance, which are products basically depending on the cash flow generated from aircraft and the lease rental payments associated with them.
We have built business relationships with our global customers using MUFG Bankís global network as well as the broad coverage of MUFG group companies. Our sophisticated and long-term experience will provide the best solution for you regarding aircraft acquisition and relevant financing needs.

Asset Finance


The process through which a customer achieves non-recourse funding by selling assets to a bankruptcy-remote SPV. Securitization typically provides the customer with a lower cost of financing. Securitization can encompass many asset classes such as trade receivables, utility receivables, healthcare receivables, auto loans & leases, equipment loans & leases, and credit card receivables. MUFG Bank offers securitization solutions to customers, typically funded through asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP) programs or asset-backed loans provided by MUFG Bank.

Asset Based Lending

A full-recourse direct loan to a customer collateralized by the customerís balance sheet asset value. The available funding amount is calculated in accordance with a borrowing base formula that is agreed upon by MUFG Bank and the customer. Typical assets include account receivables, inventory, raw materials, livestock, property, and other tangible/intangible assets. Asset based lending is a flexible funding source for customers who have substantial assets on their balance sheets.

Accounts Receivable Purchases Programs

The non recourse sale of a customerís trade receivables to MUFG Bank at a discount. MUFG Bank will fund trade receivables where the obligor is an existing client of the bank. The customer benefits from low-cost off-balance-sheet funding and the mitigation of payment risk.

Supply Chain Finance

A non-recourse sale of receivables from the suppliers of a MUFG Bank customer to MUFG Bank. Supply chain finance provides working capital enhancement to both the customer and its suppliers. Customers can benefit from better payment terms, while suppliers can accelerate cash collection. MUFG Bank operates its own supply chain finance payment platform and also participates in other operators’ platforms.

Global Markets


Forex (foreign exchange, currency option, etc.) is one of the hedging tools that provide clients with solutions to mitigate their Forex Risk.

<Examples of clients hedging by Forex>

  • (1) 
    Importer to buy goods from Europe at EUR-denominated price
  • (2) 
    Multinational company to be concerned about the fluctuation in the value of USD-denominated balance sheet

Derivatives (currency swap, interest rate swap, interest rates option, etc.) is one of the hedging tools that provide clients with solutions to mitigate their interest rate risk, business operating risk, etc.

<Examples of clients hedging by Derivatives>

  • (1) 
    Client to curb interest rate costs related to the long-term funding for its investment
  • (2) 
    Client to reduce the impact of a spectacular rise in raw material prices

Global Markets Research provides our customers with authoritative and insightful commentary and analysis, focusing mainly on the foreign exchange market. To fulfill our clients' global needs, GMR divisions are located in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, and New York.
Our research analysts collaborate closely across all regions and provide our customers with timely information and analysis.

Personal banking services for residents of Japan

Branch locator (within Japan)

See a list of MUFG branches with service counters for foreign residents in Japan. Service counters for foreign residents are available by appointment only. You can make an appointment on the page of the branch you wish to visit.

Clients wishing to open a personal bank account

Find out what you need to bring with you to open an account and other important information. Please read this information before visiting the service counter for foreign residents.

Transaction Banking

Cash Management

MUFG Bank provides a wide range of cash management services including domestic and cross-border liquidity management, payment solutions, collection solutions, and operational efficiency solutions.

Trade Finance

With MUFG Bankís extensive global network and wealth of experience, our dedicated trade finance and risk advisory teams are uniquely positioned to help you promote your cross-border trade transactions and manage your finance and risk requirements.

Renminbi Business

MUFG Bank has an established status as one of the major foreign banks in China and offshore RMB markets such as Hong Kong.
This site shows a variety of topics related to the RMB, mainly focusing on global RMB settlements and transactions.

Transaction Services for Financial Institutions

JPY Cash Clearing

MUFG Bank is one of the shareholders of CLS Bank and is a settlement member of CLS Bank. We provide a Japanese yen nostro agent service for settlement members abroad and provide domestic regional banks with third-party services.

JPY Custody

MUFG Bank has been providing yen custody services for more than 50 years as the market leader. In-depth business knowledge accumulated through years of experience and reliable system capabilities have received high appraisals from our customers. Currently MUFG Bank serves for approx. 100 group clients, mainly financial institutions across the world backed by the strongest financial group in Japan.
We remain committed to providing the best services to our customers.

Securities Clearing

MUFG Bank's Transaction Services provides outsourcing services related to the settlements of various securities. This enables customers to reduce their burden greatly when compared to customers having to deal with each individual settlement system by themselves.