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The Gateway to Global RMB Welcome to our new information portal for RMB

MUFG Bank is an established major foreign bank in China with an offshore RMB centre in MUFG Bank Hong Kong.

- Result in Asiamoney polls (2014)
  • Ranked 4th for Overall Products/Services
  • Ranked 3rd for Research
  • Ranked 4th for FX/RMB Exchange
  • Ranked 4th for Transaction Banking And Settlement
- Contribution to the Hong Kong offshore market
  • CNH has been added to HIBOR as the money reference rate for the offshore RMB since June 2013.
  • MUFG Bank has been selected as one of the reference banks.

The new portal offers up-to-date articles related to RMB trading, including the status of deregulation, case studies, and market trends, both in Japanese and English.

We hope this site will be a useful resource for your successful China business.

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Welcome to MUFG Bank's Gateway to Global RMB