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Accounts Receivable Purchases Programs

What Is ARPP?

The non recourse sale of a customer's trade receivables to MUFG Bank at a discount. MUFG Bank will fund trade receivables where the obligor is an existing client of the bank. The customer benefits from low-cost off-balance-sheet funding and the mitigation of payment risk.

Key Benefits of ARPP

  • Mitigation of payment risk
  • Non-recourse to the seller
  • Diversification of funding
  • Off-balance-sheet funding

MUFG Bank's ARPP Objective

Our objective is to provide customers the opportunity to sell a concentrated portfolio of specific obligors (usually existing clients of MUFG Bank) with the underlying purchase price primarily related to the obligors' credit rating. MUFG Bank has capability to finance concentrated portfolio of specific obligors in addition to the finance to diversified pools. This sale of receivables can be structured to allow the seller to achieve off-balance-sheet treatment.

MUFG Bank's ARPP Business

MUFG Bank has closed ARPP transactions for sellers globally, and in many cases these are across jurisdictions. Because MUFG Bank has such an extensive Japanese corporate client base, the bank is ideally situated to buy receivables where the obligor is a Japanese name. As of June 2014, MUFG Bank currently funds more than 550 ARPP transactions with an exposure of over US$16 billion.