The Mitsubishi Bank, Ltd.

1920 image1

Mitsubishi Bank's application for approval of establishment documents.
(Source: The Mitsubishi Archives)

1920 image2

Mitsubishi Bank's New York branch at the time.

Mitsubishi Bank prospered during the tumultuous industrialization of the early twentieth century and opened a number of international offices, including London and New York in 1920, but its scope and organization shrank in the chaos after World War Two.

After the San Francisco Peace Treaty was signed, the bank gradually regained strength, reopening its offices in New York and London and establishing itself as a powerful trade coordination partner increasingly involved in corporate finance.

During the 1960s, the bank financed raw-material purchases, helped to build factories that turned out finished products, and promoted the distribution of the products worldwide, becoming an integral contributor to Japan's export-led growth. During the 1970s, the bank opened several more international offices, including a subsidiary, Mitsubishi Bank of California, in 1972.