Important Notice

Updated on September 13, 2021

Be careful of financial fraud utilizing internet banking

This is a very important notice to all corporate customers using CMS(Cash Management Service)

Financial Frauds and Recommended Measures

・Reportedly, it appears that there are financial frauds of conducting unauthorized remittances through internet banking utilizing virus without awareness of authenticated users at some financial institutions.

・It has been reported that there is a fraud to make a payment transfer to a fraudulent account of overseas through a false instruction by an e-mail.

・It has been also reported that a financial fraud is conducted by a password and ID, which is stolen by malware on CMS in operation.

Although various security measures are engaged for CMS at MUFG Bank, we recommend you to follow measures as stated below in order to further improve security.

1. Measures to Use CMS Safely

(1) Change password at least once a month.

(2) Set the smallest required amount as a ceiling transaction amount.

(3) Check the last log-in date & time at every log-in to ascertain whether there is any suspicious log-in time shown for the last operation.

(4) Regularly check the transaction record or statement list to monitor any unauthorized accesses or operations.

(5) If unusual instruction is received by e-mail, it is necessary to confirm it with the sender by another way again.

(6) Assign the creator and approver authorities separately to different persons. Make and complete payment with checking by more than one person.

(7) Do not make CMS transactions on a PC or mobile devices that is accessible by a number of unspecified persons.

*For detailed operation for (1) and (2), please refer to the operation manual or contact the branch office in charge. Please be noted that the bank will never request to inform/input your password through e-mail nor telephone.

2. Points to Protect your PC and Mobile Device from Virus Infection

(1) Use a security software and keep it always updated.

(2) Use an operating system and a browser software, a combination of which functions properly.

(3) Do not open an internet e-mail from an unknown sender, and delete it immediately.

(4) Do not access to any suspicious WEB sites.

(5) Do not download "free (no-charge)" software without caution.

(6) Always conduct a virus check when using an external storage device such as USB memory.

(7) Do not make CMS transactions on a PC or mobile devices that is accessible by a number of unspecified persons.

*About (1), we recommend use of your regular anti-virus software for your computer in addition with Rapport, which is anti-virus software designed for internet banking free of charge.

3.Measures for Risks Associated with Mobile Device

(1) Do not download suspicious mobile applications.

(2) Make sure your mobile devices does not get lost or theft.

(3) Set a PIN code for your mobile device, especially when you are using the same mobile device for accessing internet banking and receiving or generating OTPs.


・Please inquire of a person in charge of the system in your company or of your system vendor for more details.

・In case of any actual financial fraud, please contact the branch in charge as well as local authorities, eg. police, etc.