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How to enter ‘IBAN’ and ‘SWIFT BIC’
on BTMU-GCMS Money Transfer Template Creation screen

In Case of Beneficiary Information (Beneficiary Bank, Beneficiary Name, Account Number) have been pre-registered on the existing money transfer instruction templetes, please enter ‘IBAN’ instead of ‘Beneficiary Account No.’ and enter SWIFT BIC after deleting Beneficiary Bank information on it.
(To modify an authorized money transfer instruction template, its authorization must be canceled in advance.)

  • (1) 

    Select A option: SWIFT BIC in the ‘Beneficiary Bank / Branch Set’ field.

  • (2) 
    Enter SWIFT BIC in the ‘Beneficiary Bank SWIFT BIC’ field without separating the alphanumeric characters.
    SWIFT BIC is composed of either 8 or 11 alphanumeric characters.
    Be sure to confirm SWIFT BIC is correct by using Bank Name Check button next to ‘Beneficiary Bank SWIFT BIC’ field.
    You cannot enter Beneficiary Bank information in the ‘Beneficiary Bank/Branch/Address’ field when you enter SWIFT BIC. (If you enter both fields, the error message "E 1500: The date in this field is incompatible" appears.)
  • (3) 
    Enter IBAN in the ‘Beneficiary Account No.’ field correctly as defined; not separated; without additioal characters and/or symbols.
    IBAN is a series of alphanumeric characters (up to 34, dependent on country).

    Examples of inappropriate IBAN indication

    The following tables shows examples of IBAN indications which can be regarded as non-IBAN account numbers(in case the actual IBAN: DE99123456789012345678):

      Examples Reasons
    1 DE99 1234 5678 9012 3456 78 Inconsistent length
    (separated by blanks into 4 groups)
    2 DE9912345678901234 Inconsistent length
    (a part of IBAN is missing)
    3 IBAN:DE99123456789012345678 Excessive indication
    ('IBAN' is added)
    4 1234567890(IBAN:DE99123456789012345678) Excessive indication
    (Parallel indication of IBAN and non-IBAN account number)
  • (4) 
    Enter Beneficiary Name and Address in the ‘Beneficiary Name/Address’ field.