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2.Money Transfer Instruction Service
Operation Flow Template Creation Template Authorization Money Transfer Instruction Creation & Authorization FAQ

1.Operation Flow
Preparation 1
1. Set the base currency.

1-2-2 Registration of Base Currency
2. Create Users who are given access to the Money Transfer
Instruction Service (with User privileges to create/authorize money transfer instruction templates and to create/check/authorize money transfer instructions).

1-2-4 Creating Users

1-2-5 Defining User Authority

1-2-6 User Authorization

Preparation 2
1. You can pre-register the beneficiary/intermediary bank information you frequently use.

3-3 Beneficiary/Intermediary Bank Registration
2. You can pre-register the beneficiary information you frequently use.

3-4 Beneficiary Registration

Money Transfer Instruction Template Creation/Authorization
1. A money transfer instruction template must be created for every money transfer instruction.

3-1-1 Template Creation
2. Every new template created must be authorized by another User who is granted a privilege to authorize templates.

3-1-2 Template Authorization

* To modify or delete any templates that have already been authorized, cancellation of the previous authorization must be completed in advance.
Money Transfer Instruction Creation
Number of Authorization Required: 2

Number of Authorization Required: 1

Money transfer instructions can be created by every authorized User who is granted privilege to create money transfer instructions.

3-2-1 Instruction Creation

*You can also create money transfer instructions by uploading correctly formatted data you prepared in advance.

3-5 Instruction Data Upload

Money Transfer Instruction Check

Every money transfer instruction created must be checked by another User who is authorized to check money transfer instructions.

3-2-2 Instruction Check/Authorization

*To modify or delete any money transfer instructions that have already been checked, cancellation of the previous check must be completed in advance.

Money Transfer Instruction Authorization

Every money transfer instruction created/checked must be authorized by a User other than the one who created or checked.

3-2-2 Instruction Check/Authorization


Money transfer instructions will be immediately sent to BTMU by clicking on the Authorize button when authorization is granted by the required number of Users, and will be irrevocable once received by BTMU.


Please confirm the cutoff time with your local BTMU office, and make sure to authorize the money transfer instruction before the cutoff time.

3-7 Cutoff Time Inquiry

Money Transfer Instruction Inquiry

You can confirm the status of every money transfer instruction.

3-2-3 Instruction Inquiry

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