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BTMU-GCMS Customer Support
1. First Steps for Administrators & Administrators with User Privileges
Operation Flow Necessary Credentials when you access BTMU-GCMS SecurID® Login Screen (Authentication1 BTMU-GCMS Login Screen (Autentication2) Changing Password FAQ

1.Operation Flow

The following steps must be successfully completed when accessing BTMU-GCMS for the first time. (See the GCMS Operation Manual Chapter 1, Page 5 and the subsequent pages for step-by-step instructions.)

Establish Internet Connection
If you are using a dial-up connection, see separately provided "Configuration of Dial Up Networking Connection to BTMU-GCMS."
Enter URL
Type in the Address Bar in your Web browser and click on the "GCMS" button on the CMS selection page of the BTMU web site.
SecurID® Login Screen (Authentication 1)
In the Access ID field, type your Access ID*1), and in the Password field, type your 4-digit PIN*2) followed by the 6-digit passcode shown on your SecurID® Card.
*1) See the notification enclosed with the SecurID® Card in the starter's package from BTMU.
*2) PIN number you chose in advance and stated in "BTMU-GCMS Customer Information Sheet".
BTMU-GCMS Login Screen(Authentication 2)
Enter your Customer ID and User ID as well as a valid password for each ID.
BTMU-GCMS Initial Screen
Now you are connected to BTMU-GCMS.
Select Language
Select your preferred language and click on the Go button.
Set Base Currency
Balances and amounts shown through BTMU-GCMS are expressed in units of the base currency.

1-2-2 Registration of Base Currency
Set Exchange Rates For every currency type, exchange rate setting is necessary for performing currency conversions into the base currency.

1-2-3 Registration of Exchange Rates

If you are an Administrator without User privileges
Create/Authorize Users

Create/authorize new Users. The Administrator who authorizes the new user information entered must be different from the Administrator who enters the user information.

1-2-4 Creating Users

1-2-5 Defining User Authority

1-2-6 User Authorization

If you are an Administrator with User priviliges
Access BTMU-GCMS menu You are given access to Bank Reporting Service, Money Transfer Instruction Service and other BTMU-GCMS menu.
indicates "the related part of GCMS Operation Manual" for your further detailed reference.
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