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Economic Review

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Economic Review

VOL.1 NO.18 Is the Risk of IT-Sector's Inventory Adjustment ignorable?
VOL.1 NO.17 Outward Investment by China Gathering Stream under the Go Global Strategy
VOL.1NO.16 The Mechanism of Indiafs Economic Growth (2)`The Potentials and Challenges of Developing the Industrial Sector`
VOL.1 NO.15 Reforms After the 2005 Yuan Revaluation and Prospects for Near-Term Economic Change
VOL.1NO.14 The Mechanisms of Indiafs Economic Growth (1)`Strong growth supported by rising domestic demand`
VOL.1 NO.13 Chinafs Energy Issuesf Increasing Impact on the Global Economy
VOL1.NO.12 BoJ ends Zero Interest Rate Policy
VOL1.NO.11 June Tankan Results and the Timing for BoJfs Lift of its Zero-Interest Rate Policy
VOL.1NO.10 U.S. and European Policies Toward China Amid Its Economic and Political Rise
VOL.1NO.9 Political Confusion in Thailand and Its Economic Impact
VOL.1NO.8 India's Budget Plan for Fiscal 2006 and Issues Faced in Steps Accelerating Its Economic Growth
VOL.1NO.7 Vietnam: A Survey of Economic Trends on the Eve of the 10th Party Congress
VOL.1 NO.6 11th Five-Year Plan Plots Future Course for the Chinese Economy
VOL.1 NO.5 India's Booming Stock Market and Its Outlook Ahead
VOL.1 NO.4 The Present State of Chinese Enterprises and the Direction of Reforms
VOL.1 NO.3 Trend of Major Countriesf Investment in India and Outlook of India Business
VOL.1 NO.2 Challenges Faced by the Yudhoyono Administration in Its Second Year
VOL.1 NO.1 Outlook for the Japanese Economy in 2006

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