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Economic Monthly-Europe(September 2018)
The Outlook for European Economies(August 2018)
United Kingdom: An assessment of the risks from 'no deal' Brexit
South Africa: Higher real GDP growth required to alleviate longer-term pressures
Economic Monthly-Europe(July 2018)
United Kingdom: Bank of England may find it hard to deliver even "gradual and limited" tightening
Turkey: Erdogan's new term ushers in period of heightened policy uncertainty and external risks
Euro area: Rate hikes on the horizon as ECB winds down QE
Europe: Trade wars are bad and there will be losers if tariffs are raised on car exports
Economic Monthly-Europe(June 2018)
The Outlook for European Economies(May 2018)
United Kingdom: Real wage recovery to offer consumers limited respite
Economic Monthly-Europe(April 2018)
Spain: Growth to ease but economy is increasingly resilient
Economic Monthly-Europe(March 2018)
United Kingdom: The path to a final Brexit deal is now clear, but hurdles remain
The Outlook for European Economies(February 2018)
France: Macron's domestic reform agenda could result in more durable expansion
Euro zone: Some moderation in confidence indicators but activity to remain robust
With rate hikes on the horizon, attention turns to the question of Draghi's successor
UK: Import price effect to fade but inflation likely to stay above target
Economic Monthly-Europe(January 2018)
Political uncertainty adds to Italy's banking sector and public debt challenges in 2018

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